3M 28363 M17-1.5 Internal Thread Size 75 mm Diameter Pneumatic Polisher

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This might sound a dumb question, nevertheless, I need to know the answer:

I purchased this 3M polisher a while ago; I have all the necessary buffing pads and compounds but I would like to know if I can use the Trizact Hookit 3" p1500 & P3000 Grit Foam Discs with this or not? I have also got the 3M 05771 Hookit 3" Soft Interface Pad.
It seems that no matter where I research, it's only refered to as a "polisher"? So, do I need to purchase a separate sander or will this do the job?

Cheers in advance!


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    You can use it for polishing. I do.I have the 3 inch foam back trizact pads to 5000. They work great, but if you are removing nibs you want a small trizact A7 1 1/4 inch. They are a lot cheaper and work a small area. Less time and compound material needed.
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    @Tsunami - I know it can be used for polishing ... I just wanted to know if you could use it for light sanding of orange peel etc?
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    For very small parts it can. But its slow cutting being it's orbital and small. But it will be more forgiving on your edges than a polisher with a wool pad. Where is the coyote. Not like him to miss a good one like this. :o
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    @Alan simple answer is yes, it can be used for sanding. The problem is that all sanding on clear coat should be done wet. and whatever tool you use for that operation is gonna be a mess. I have used many 3M sanders in my day as well, usually they are the palm style. This tool is going to be a bit harder to handle, be careful when you are using new disks that you don't put too much weight on it by resting you free hand on the head. (two hands worth of weight instead of one). This tool will be hard to keep wet as you don't want to dip the pad in the water (hard to find a container that will work, and sanders usually have better seals on the bearings knowing that they will be wet a lot) so my advice is to use a spray bottle on the part, but make sure you test it for fisheyes (spray bottle seals are about 50/50 for silicone contamination)

    Let me know how it goes.
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    @WileECoyote are the spray bottles for chemicals silicone also?
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    Thanks Tsunami and WileECoyote, you've answered my question perfectly!

    A bit of an eye-opener on the spray bottle seals. I have got HDPE bottles, maybe swilling them out with hot water might get rid of any possible silicone contamination?
    Think about it ... you drain your air pipes regularly / have all the right filters on your air pipe layout / small water/oil separator at the gun but you still end up getting fisheyes because of the seals on your water bottle .. geez!!!

    This business sure does have a lot of variables! :s
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    @Alan and @Tsunami  it doesnt matter what they are for. Its some little rubber (or silicone) component in the spray head. We tried rinsing out with hot water, alcohol, acetone... Nothing worked. Only way to see is to test. And if it does... Toss it. You can even get a case of bottles and some are rejects and some are good.
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