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I'm about to redo my motorcycle and I LOVE this color! I know it's a gloss black base with the airbrushing in candy red. Could I hydrodip in the candy red color to get something close to this? Haven't messed with a lot of candies. Thanks


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    If you find a print (or have a print made that looks similar to that in white or silver, you can spray a candy red over the top and get that look with much less effort. If the print is done with shading, you will have a much easier time, and won't need airbrushing, but likely the print will be a bit more expensive than a single color. If you want to airbrush, you can take care of the shading yourself. Keep in mind that dipping a large set like this is going to distort the print unless you do it in sections.

    If you want to do this exactly, and at show quality, I would print the skulls individually and airbrush the shading, then candy over the whole set, finishing off with 3 coats of high build clear.
  • sthrneagle1sthrneagle1 Member Posts: 66
    I appreciate that man. Sorta how I was thinking
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