Beating the bushes !

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Well after 3 or 4 years of custom work I finally realized that I was paying the bills but not really profiting much. Going into this whole hydro thing I was fortunate enough to know a lot of people in the gun business to keep me half [email protected]# busy for a while. And then of course the cups and one off stuff. But, after taking some really good advise from folks here on the forum... u know who you are... I made some phone calls and picked up some promising work !! Made one phone call to @BigBrainGraphics " after hours that is" and they are setting up several different things for me to present to my customer. Props to them for great customer support , they really go above and beyond.

The reaction that I got from my customer was actually pretty funny. When I told him what I do and how I could possibly boost his sales, he said " well [email protected]# I aint never even thought about that, lets do it."

In closing, you guys that are struggling looking for work... get out there and get it ! Im living proof that facebook and social media don't cut it , just a bunch of promises that never come through. Get out and offer your services to the customer, they don't always come to you!!! Go see them !!


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