Problems with a supplier (Hydrodip store)

Archer0545Archer0545 Member Posts: 806 ✭✭✭
First off I try and buy my supplies off of the forum sponsors as much as possible. That said I had a customer ask for a film off of a site called the Hydrodip store. I looked them up and they had a pretty good supply of films and tanks and other accessories. So I ordered the film, small order about 85 bucks with shipping. I paypal'd the money and waited for a tracking number. Never got it. Waited a week and never received anything. I opened up my order and it said processing. So, I called their number and got a VM box that was full. Bottom line is I was never able to reach anyone by phone or email. It was not that much money but it all counts so I just wanted to warn anyone to think twice before ordering anything from them.
I am confident I'll get my money back through Paypal but it will take a month or so. I ordered something similar from Brent at Kansas Hydrographics and explained the situation to my customer.


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