Powder coating Ovens

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So we are looking at moving to a larger powder coating oven that is maybe gas fired. Anybody have any opinions on this or should you stay with electric? Im also curious to see how many people have customers come in that only do powder coating vs hydro dipping. Do you see a better margin in powder coating vs hydrographics? What are your thoughts?


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    Gas fired is gonna be cheaper to run by far if you are talking about anything with any real size to it (Walk in style). Electric has a little tighter control over temp, but anything over a refrigerator size is gonna kill you trying to heat it up.
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    @kansashydro runs a pretty large PC operation...he would be the one to reach out to...
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    @liquidconcepts Wile is right, definitely natural gas if you have it. Our oven is 10 ft wide 8ft high and 27 ft long and it gets up to 350F in about 10 mins. on natural gas We are still new to hydro, but we run into parts that our oven still wont hold, so I would say go as big as you can if possible. People find out you have decent size oven and all kind of stuff shows up. I love the hydro, but we do better profit wise on powder, as you can turn it so fast and a redo isn't as much work if you have a blast booth. Having a blast booth is key to me, then you can powder or dip once its blasted. Powder to me, has a much broader customer base, then I try to upsell them on hydro if possible, but hydro is a tiny part of what we do. We do more industrial/military wet spray, powder and blasting. I just decided to add hydro cause I like a challenge....I am a sucker..
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