OHW On top of black HDPE

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Hey everyone, I recently decided to give One Hit Wonder paint a try. Since it says it is Adhesion Promotor, Primer, and Base Coat all in one, I figure it would be a little more cost efficient. I tested the Blue OHW I ordered from Emerald Coatings on a couple white speed shapes while getting the gun set up, the paint looked great! This morning I started on a pair of Riguette Helmets. I flame treated the helmets, then started spraying the Blue OHW on top of the black Ringuette Helmets. The first coat really didnt show up, just made the helmet matte once it flashed. I tried 2-3 more coats, and it starts to look a little purple, but not blue. I did not reduce the paint. Booth is 70F. Spraying at 20psi through a 1.4 tip. What could I be doing wrong? It seems as if the paint is too thin or transparent.


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    If it's a lighter color? Then you should be spraying white down as a primer coat first...yes OHW says you do not NEED primer but technically you do as the primer coat is going to change the tone of the next coat...I never spray anything but black or deep charcoal over plain black...always spray with a white primer coat to get the proper tone out of yellows, blues, greens, reds, pinks, purples...pretty much everything lighter than black...lol...
    Basically, your primer coat effects the tone of the top coat...we learn that in painting 101...
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    Also, be sure to strip the bottom of the can well, but yes, depending on what blue you want, you may need a light blue or even white on first, like these guys say
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    The problem is definitely opacity. Most bright colors are organic pigment based. Organic pigments have a very small particle size and therefore let light pass around or through them. White and may other earth tones are Inorganic pigments and the particle size is much larger therefore reflecting the light rather than letting it pass through. So an inorganic base of a lighter shade such as white will reflect the light back that passes by your blue paint.
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