Cobra Valve Covers Dipped and cleared with 2k but now wanting to powder clear is this possible.

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Hey guys, I dipped a set of valve covers and used 2k clear but the rough cast aluminium looks pretty terrible. I sand blasted them but they were just pretty rough from where they were cast and I use a pretty fine grit media. I did 3 pretty thick coats but still not close to covering the roughness and just to make it a little more difficult I flash cured them hoping it might come out decent. So now I dont think I can rough it up to add more clear due to bumps I think It will go through the clear and graphic in those areas just wondering if anyone has tried a clear powder over a 2k automotive clear. I think a couple thick coats of powder might make them look a little better. Thanks for any advice.


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    No...or at least I would not attempt it...the last time I tried that it burned up the paint underneath...

    your best bet is to stack up more clear coat...
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    Yep, Start sanding it flat w/ 600 and hit it again. Careful not to sand through.

    Also, If you know there is plenty of clear on the part, you can lightly sandblast it for good mechanical adhesion of the next layer. I have done this before painting, but never before more clear. I would worry it would leave the part too dirty and the clear wouldn't look right.
  • B_ECoatingsB_ECoatings Posts: 21Member
    Thanks guys, I ended up getting kinda lucky and the customer was very happy with the way they looked. I told him I was researching the possibility of adding powder to smooth them out but he didn't think it would be necessary. I did a sparkle clear powder over a dipped rtic and it came out pretty good but I didnt already have a clear on it and it was directly to a pretty basic graphic without a lot of detail. It didn't seem to mess with the color to much though from what I could tell.
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    To solve your problem for next time You should do 2 things.
    1 after blasting with grit at full PSI Turn down PSI to 50% of that or switch to a plastic media for your last blast after Gas-out and cooled.
    Use powder coat primer[out gas forgiving] to smooth it out before base coat of PC best to have a gun that has 2 voltages. If you go not and have a hard time with multi coats of powder. I can also offer you another way around that. Hot application of powder.
    If you need any of the stuff I mentioned call John at Blazing coatings.
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