Opening a Hydrographics Business Step by Step

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OK guys since we have to move our shop? I am starting a step by step blog for those that would like to know what is going to be involved in the process. I am not calling this "Starting a Hydrographics Business" because we are already up and running...and I believe that most guys will already be up and running before they search for a building and then start the process of permits and this is for them. I will also put in a line by line cost so they will be able to see approximately what it it going to cost...kinda see how high you need to stack the

First secure a building...check...found a place...quite reasonable for $775 a month, includes water and trash...securing that tomorrow...requires first and last so $1,550.00 there...Building has sprinklers we can tie into for the fire suppression system but I figure 2 per booth at $150 a drop so $600.00...we need a 3 phase panel so we are getting a quote from the building owners on that but I imagine it's going to be around $2,000.00...this kinda hurts because I just put a new 200 amp 3 phase panel in my old shop a couple of years ago...sigh...if you want to play? You have to pay...the building has skylights so we will have to duct over to the skylights for the venting of the booths...I can make most of that ductwork myself...

Stopped by the City of Beaumont and will begin that paperwork...$30.00 filing fee plus Business License Fees...not sure what those are yet...

So here is where it is going to get sticky. Have to comply with the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) before City License can be approved. Called the SCAQMD and they promptly told me that it takes 10 weeks to get approved...during which you are not allowed to spray anything. Which means we have to rent both places until we get I figure $2000.00 in extra rental fees...that's going to hurt...Oh and the application fee for the SCAQMD is $1,300.00...

So we are around $16,500.00 and we haven't even moved yet...

Here is the breakdown so far:
First and deposit for rental: $1,550.00 PAID
SCAQMD application fee: $1,242.00 PAID
SCAQMD secondary filing fee: $620.71 PAID
SCAQMD third filing fee: $620.71 PAID
SCAQMD fourth filing fee $202.57 PAID
City filing fee: $141.00 PAID
City plan check fee: $118.00 PAID
Electrical conduit and PVC for water: $350.00 PAID
Copper lines, fittings and electrical from Home Depot $5500 PAID
3 Phase Panel $1950.00 PAID
3rd set of plans printed through plan check at $65.00 each (includes shipping) PAID
New mats and curtains $550.00 PAID
Fire Suppression & permit: $2800.00 PAID
Sheet metal for paint booth roof penetrations: $500 PAID
Explosion proof cabinets: $925.00 PAID
New Velidon filters: $350.00 PAID
$17,500.00 roughly out of pocket so far...

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