Outboard Engine Cowling! Need advise on dipping it...

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How would you guys dip this monster? My thoughts are to dip halves. Use the natural seem on the engine cover as my seem for the dip. I was going to go in with the big end first and roll the carbon fiber pattern onto the part. I have an inter coat (OWH) on it right now, so I can dip over the stickers (this is what my friend wants). Let me know your thoughts and or concerns. I really only have one shot at this because of those stickers.


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    Interested to see how this turns out. I have a couple of these to do at some point.
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    Yep. Split it half and half w/ a racing stripe to match the color of the boat or something. Don't forget to oppose the lines in the carbon fiber!
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    Yea halves is definitely best bet. I almost always start with my wider side on anything
  • DCLAX21DCLAX21 Posts: 33Member

    Interested to see how this turns out. I have a couple of these to do at some point.

    I guess I'll be your Guinea Pig!

  • DCLAX21DCLAX21 Posts: 33Member
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    I'm glad to hear that you guys agree with how I am going to dip it. I assume that you would also roll the piece into the film?
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    These are a great chance to MULTI dip because of the lines moulded into the plastic.
    This dip also matters on the PRINT you want to use. I wouldn't dip this to a sticker bomb the same way as carbon fiber.
    Use what you have-molded in lines are good spots to mix pattern and of course the cover is in 2 pieces.
    You have an air trap point by the blue tape and the stretch will be in the same spot on both 1/2s
    That stretch area will meet up with the other stretched area and look STRETCHED. Mating 2 1/2s of 2 dips where the item is seen 360 deg around is not a simple task. This project would work out best if you had a dipping arm that was set up to dip the left and right right sides perfectly the same. If its not an option to do that. Take all the materials and lay them out perfectly on you work table.
    Everything ready to go. Dip one side and be ready to dip the other as quickly as you can. In pinstripping its called Muscle Memory
    [it feels the same}
    only thing about dip that you don't do with pin stripe is SWITCH HANDS IF you only use 1 side of the dip tank. Turning the cover around will NOT be the same as dipping from opposite side of the tank.
    On a dip arm, one half would be tilted to the left and the other to the right. BOOK MATCHED is the only way to go with a single dip.
  • DCLAX21DCLAX21 Posts: 33Member

    Bouyancy was an issue.  Started my dip with the top of the engine cover right above the 2.5 sticker (at that "point", near the top of the cover).   Went in that way first, pushed down, and started my roll towards the back.  In the second pic you can see where my strength couldn't overcome the resistance.  You can see a horseshoe line that formed starting at the bottom of the M (Merc) up and around the top.   If anyone has any ideas on how to counter this resistance, please let me know.  I'll be trying again later this afternoon.   Thanks
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    That sux , it was sure lookin good until that point.
  • Archer0545Archer0545 Posts: 806Member ✭✭✭
    People doing motorcycle gas tanks will fill a plastic bag inside the tank full of water to help. You might be able to do that and tape it in there to help add some weight. Or some other kind of weight.
  • DCLAX21DCLAX21 Posts: 33Member
    Update. So I framed out the inside of the cowling. I forgot to mention, when I was dipping it the first time, I was pushing so hard I was afraid of cracking the plastic. I will be using weight this time, inside the cowling to counter the buoyancy. I'll update with more pics later on today. Stay tuned...
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