My Ohw 2.0 review

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This woodgrain wants much more activator than most patterns I deal with on a regular basis so when I found out that all of ohw paints has now switched over to the new 2.0 I had to try it out. Using a 1.4 tip I laid four medium passes and the paint held up awesome

. If I would have used that much activator for the old ohw I would have had issues . This stuff dries super fast and I made my first dip 13 min after I laid the paint. I also sanded a few nibs out of this paint without it gumming up like the old ohw did so I'm extremely happy about that. Another huge plus is they kept the price the same. They didn't go up on us guy's lol . I'm very happy with the new 2.0 and I bet other will be as well. CHEER'S I used their medium tan on these and got crazy good adhesion.


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