Best Base and Topcoat for Blasted/Etched Glass Media.

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Hi My name is Travis and I am from Nashville, TN. I never had a reason to really post, up until this point. I love this forum and all the cool stuff you guys post from Day to Day.

I recently decided to work with glass decoration. I have been blasting for a few months and now I want to mix my glass work with Hydro-graphic paint.

I do realize that the whole glass will probably need lightly blasted to hold the paint. I haven't done that just yet.

I have a question for you guys. When you have done glass what is the best Base coat, Top coat, and procedure for you this far?

I have searched around previous glass posts and seen a few people use One Hit Wonder Intercoat Clear for the base.

Then I have seen several types of clear top coat from Automotive, Duracoat, to OHW 2K Clear.

Any of you guys have opinions on the best performer or most durable product for glass?

Thanks for your time & I will post results after,


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