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Looking for some tips on taping a bow riser. Last one I did, I did that double dip where you don't rinse the first side and dip the second but that gave me some headaches in that the second dip didn't completely rinse off the first dip.
Anyway, doing my second bow and wanted to do it like guys here do, tape off the first side, dip/rinse, tape off second side. My question is, how do you guys tape these damn things?? lol

This is the riser I'm doing. So I'd tape off one side and dip it, then rinse it. Now I need to tape off that already dipped side but the riser has all them cutouts in it that would already be dipped on the first dip. I'm trying to picture how to tape all those off for the second side dip. Just wondering how some of you guys do it....


  • Archer0545Archer0545 Posts: 806Member ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't bother taping off the inside of the holes. If the pattern overlaps in there it's not going to be really noticeable. Just tape off the 3 sides that you hit on the first dip.
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    Have you tried moving the dams in as you dip? Might work here. Could be faster than all the taping. Plus every time I tape over a dip I pull off the image when removing the tape. If you do tape it off, make sure you remove the tape when it's in the rinse tank. It softens up the glue on the tape.
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