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I am Jake Pursell and I own pa hydrographics. I have been in the industry for about four years and I absoutley love it. About 18 months ago I started the process of building tanks for the industry and I feel we have the perfect tank for the industry. I use all of the best components that can be used and I'm not just saying that if you do the research you will see for yourself. I start out with 14 guage 304 stainless steel that is cut out on a laser not a plasma cutter. I then bend everything with a cnc bender. All of the tanks I make are tig welded together and you will never hear us offer (stainless steel caulking) to fix any leaks or repairs that come up like others do. I use nothing but American made pumps made by flotec there are built in Wisconsin. I have designed these tanks to maximize the dipping area my spray bar is external also made of stainless steel. I also have moved the pump to a external platform that gives you another 6'' of dip area. This gives you a 9'' bigger dip area then the competition that is HUGE!!!! My control panels are in a class all to themselves. I start with a nema rated enclosure and I use all allen Bradley components no knock off items the contactors ,push buttons, circuit breakers all Allen Bradley. This is important when you are dealing with 220 volts and water it is no JOKE!!!! Safety is my top priority with my equipment. I will get some pics up soon we also have some huge stuff we are working on with a couple other vendors. Please go and like my facebook page www.facebook.com/Hydrographic tanks.


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