Free Cerakote samples

Hey guys! Just wanted to pass this along in case you have ever wanted to try out a Cerakote ceramic clear. The company has unveiled their new "world's strongest clearcoat" campaign. ( @onehitwonder I know you have something up your sleeve right now too!) Right now you can visit their site: and get a free sample of either their matte or gloss, air curing ceramic clear. Fill out a small form, and in a couple of days a rep will call you just to verify info and make sure you're getting the right product sample for what you want to do. Not long after we spoke on the phone I received a shipping confirmation email. This is a nice offer, and I wanted to pass this on to you guys in this forum. I'm tagging a few of you guys that I have interacted with, and I know are active on this forum, to help spread the word to anyone you know of that might be interested in a freebie sample. @K2Concepts @Tsunami @jtaglia @WileECoyote @MidOhioHydrographics @NotSoFast


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