Setting up mini gun?

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Newbie question (and yes I searched) I'm getting a touch up gun to use for my activator, as my compressor is small and I only using it for spraying activator, anyway I did some research and what I've found kinda confuses me. With a regular gun they say so set it up with a 1.4-1.8 tip. I've read that the touch up or mini guns it's a different tip I'll need because the gun and everything is smaller? Is this true and has anyone set up a touch up gun for activator? Sorry if it's a stupid question. I'm trying to get out of using the spray cans of activator and still confused if I should use a hydro vator or regular activator.. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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    you can use any gun. its just going to be trial and error till you can find the sweet spot as in distance from film when spraying, how fast your passes are and how many passes it takes. its all up to you. there are pluses and miuses to using different sizes again its up to you and what your trying to accomplish. bigger gun, more activator, wider passes, more coverage. smaller gun, less activator, more passes, less coverage. try covering a 4 x 8 sheet with a detail gun and youll be pulling your hair out.

    as far as activator, hydrovator is a crowd favorite as well as k2 brew and a couple others. pick one, use it, learn it, then try something different if you want.

    practice practice practice...
    good luck

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    I use Hydrovator for most films. The mini will work but definitely a lot more passes because of the small fan pattern it will throw down. You will have to get you spray pattern down to an art. I see it being more of a hassle. Good luck
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    @92silverbullet Yes the mini gun will use a smaller tip. It is made for touch-ups. Likely that you will not find anyone who even makes a 1.4 tip for that style gun.
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    You're setting yourself up for massive amounts of frustration.
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    I understand it's not optimal, but I'm just trying to work with what I can. I live in an apartment and full size compressor is out of the question because of space. I'm not doing big pieces hence why the smaller gun with a smaller compressor is what I'm shooting for. And now jut getting discouraged..
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    @92silverbullet people have said this is a $30,000 to $50,000 game to get into and do it right. You need to consider that when starting out. It may be more for you, just because you have to get a spot to do it off site.
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    Ok so I changed up some things and now have a good sized compressor and spray guns that works  well..I've gotta say tho this carbon fiber film is pretty hard to work with for me I could just suck at it tho who knows... But these turned out fairly well.. 
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    Here is a side shot of the handles on the truck
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    Looks good to me, keep it up.
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