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im going to be needing a new pump on my tank! been shopping around finding stuff! but then i got to thinking! i have a 400 gallon salt water aquarium in my house and the water pump that pumps the water has ran for 4 years straight with no probs! wouldnt one of these work for a tank pump?it works internal and external! MAYBE IM OFF MY ROCKER ABOUT THIS!never know if i dont ask


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    I don't think it would put out the volume needed....
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    its rated for 1664 gph!! i even have to tone it down with a ball valve
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    Didn't know aquarium pumps put out that much!

    Mine I'm running is 4500 gph, on a 7 foot tank. I have ball valves as well to get it dialed in. I'm real happy with the flow. I'm also running 1.5" pipe though, so if you have smaller pipe it would increase the pressure I think if you were running lower volume??? Mine may be overkill, but it'll certainly move some water through the tank. I'm curious at what other guys are running size wise.
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    i think you might be right! but im a welder! im might be wrong
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    i think we need jim intake on this??
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    Its probably fine, seems like it puts out plenty. Ease of replacement says get a 3/4hp or so from home depot. That way, in a pinch, you can get another at almost anytime that bolts right up.
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    what is the neef for high flow rate?
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    JimG said:

    what is the neef for high flow rate?

    You want enough flow/pressure to clear off the top of the water from the activator and film residue...if the activator does not clear off then it will start to eat the film from the back side...

    As for the aquarium pump? Salt water isn't near as nasty as the chemicals we are dumping into the water...if it is not rated for "dirty water" or chemical use? I would not use it. Also I doubt the centrifugal pump casing is large enough to allow the proper volume of water...GPH and/or GPM isn't everything...it's like horsepower and torque...2 different applications...add to that the chemical residue of the activator and PVA in the water? It's a lot more than just picking out a pump that puts out 1600 GPH and a ball valve...
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