Spray Gun?

BusternyaBusternya Posts: 63Member
want to order the air gunsa guns

What are the part numbers for each? thanks


  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,861Administrator El Jefe
    Activator? Depends on the paint system you use and your technique...I use a 1.8 but many use a 1.3 with no problems...
    Primer needs to be shot with a 1.8 also...
    Base coat? Depends on the base coat...solvent base should be shot with a 1.3 and water based paints like Aqualac 35 series should be shot with a 1.5
    Clear should be shot with a 1.3

    I use all AZ3HTE-2 series Air Gunsa's and they are all available on my page here: k2shoponline.com/sprayguns-s/1819.htm
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