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Stay Connected Across Devices

How many devices and apps are you hooked up to? Most of us use a handful of gadgets—often simultaneously. But juggling too much technology is often the cause of completely missing something on one device because you're looking at another. Imagine a solution that can make all the right connections automatically, so you never (well, almost never) miss another thing. Pushbullet might just be the second set of eyes we all need.

Link all devices (most platforms are supported), and lose the fear of missing a push notification, call or text message. Review and dismiss things as they come in right from your laptop or tablet—you can even respond if you're using WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Line. And no more emailing yourself links and images you've found while perusing the Internet from your mobile device. Just copy and paste the link into the app, and it wondrously appears on your desktop. It works vice versa, too.

Get notifications about things happening all over the Web

Reply to messages on WhatsApp, Hangouts and more

Seamlessly copy & paste between devices


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