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So a friend asked me to do his Ar15 airsoft full metal replica in multicam and i knew i was headed for trouble... But since i started i allways wanted to do a said i would.
So i tryed with my hydrovator... And awfull...color blured and with so many hesitation lines that i thought was back to my first ever again and again...hesitation almost OK...but color blured even more.
So i tryed my old trusted Deeppaint activator (the only one made in Portugal... Quite good actually) and then color stayed very true but too many cracks in the it did not strech. Tryed and tryed and nothing worked. Diferent temperature, diferent soak times, diferent dipping speed....and quit. Then went to my mate Deeppaint shop and on his tank with his activator gun and tryed k2brew...same was better then the other two activators but not good enought for me to turn it out in to a quality product. Film is layed on the water and seems well activated but then when dipping when it has to strech to go arround the part it simply starts to develop cracks.
The film is from China supplier and not from TWN.
Can anyone throw some light on this. I allready told the Customer i would not do it in multicam... But i AM f#*#*# frustraded by this.


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