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Your Day in a Nutshell

Add 'micro' to things and they suddenly become a little better. Microbrews—nothing beats small business beer. Microwaves—it's the only way to cook for some of us. And last, but not least—microblogging. Dayre (pronounced 'diary') is an on-the-go microblogging app that's perfect for the anti-blogger whose time to write comes at a premium.

Big or small, blogs are advantageous for business owners to help create chatter, build up a fan base and connect to target audiences. Easier than painting by numbers, Dayre makes the process painless by only requiring quick, easily-digestible posts with your words of wisdom (in 500 words or less), snapshots or video snippets. So, just when you think you're not making any sense, your random points of view can be captured, combined and transformed into a uniform post. Yes, it really is that easy!

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