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Write On!

Humans once struggled with a common affliction referred to as writer's cramp, caused by the overuse of pen-to-paper activity. The cure came in the form of digital note-taking where ink was replaced with keyboard strokes, swipes and shortcuts creating a world of bland notes with not a doodle in sight. But Papyrus, an app that represents a happy medium, allows you to add your personal touch while using a high-tech solution. You can even write in the margins. (No rules!)

Easily mark up PDFs, fill out forms, sketch, sign documents, or plot data points on virtual graph paper using an active pen, stylus or even your finger. Doodle, sketch or jot down important ideas in any color imaginable, import images and add typed text. If that's not enough, you can even turn your device into a whiteboard for your next presentation. And the best part, there's no paper involved, and saving and sharing take seconds.


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