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Loop Them In

Many business owners are perpetually on the move, driving back and forth, and crisscrossing towns all in the name of getting stuff done. To keep everyone (from employees to clients) in your whereabouts loop, share your latitudinal and longitudinal roaming with Glympse. This free app allows you to provide your exact location with select contacts via text, email or social media.

A blue dot (that's you!) marks your spot or moves around the map as your location changes. This app also reports your speed and, if you're en route, an estimated time of arrival (ETA). And in the event of gridlock, you can send a personal message or preset phrase explaining the holdup. The real-time tracking system also uses your phone's global positioning system (GPS) to trail your moves, but tracking can be set to expire after a certain amount of time. While this app can't do anything to alleviate the pain of traffic, keeping people in the know will be a breeze.



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