Our new smart panel will be out soon

pahydrographicspahydrographics Posts: 125Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
We have been in the works on this for a while now. This new panel is mind blowing and for us to out do the current panel we build was a hard task to do. It is still complete ul listed and cul listed. Here is what is cool about this panel. This panel will actually text or call your phone. It will also email you whatever you prefer. Here is how it works. I can text my tank and ask for it's status it will then text or email me back saying what the temp is ect. I can then completely control the tank with just a text message. What is even better it does not need to be booked up to a internet source!!! This is truly state of the art right here. We are building out first one now and will have a complete video when we are done.


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