My new tank

michaelmichael Posts: 75Member ✭✭
As some of you may know from reading other posts of mine, my shop is very close to completion. I am missing a few pieces of equipment and supplies. I was originally going to DIY a tank from a 40"x30"x23" stainless tub that I had aquired. I then got to thinking about what I have learned from some of Jim's vids. "You will get professional results from a professional tank". So I called Jake yesterday, and he made me a deal on a 7ft tank that I just could not pass on. On top of that he told me it can be on the truck MONDAY !!!! AWESOME !!!! I got so excited about getting such a big tank to start my business with and then getting it so fast I forgot to ask him some important questions so I will be calling him back today. Until then Thanks alot Jake. This thing is going to happen for me pretty fast. I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. I have heard that some where before. But where ?


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