Activator A

BT_1987BT_1987 Member Posts: 1
So, what is activator A?  I've been looking into printing my own hydrgraphics.  Aside from the required printers, every site states a requirement for "activator A" to be sprayed to set the ink into the film.  When I look for activator A on Google, I only get alibaba sales.  Is activator A just a term, and it's just a normal activator?


  • studebakerstudebaker Member, Business Ninja Posts: 4,133 ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's a "term". They are just trying to keep the process secret so you will buy only from them. "Activator A" is a fixative to help keep the ink particulates in place in relation to each other when the ink has been melted with "Activator B". It's a clear "ink" or "paint" that fills in the interstitial spaces. You can use a few different things to achieve that such as clear lacquer paint or clear fixative for art prints. Clear enamel paint won't work because the regular hydrographic activators won't soften/melt it properly. Generally speaking, you only need a fixative when you are using pigment inks. Latex and resin inks don't need a fixative.
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