A Day's Work

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...after I had already manufactured all the parts, of course!


"The Tip of the Ice Berg" would be a better title for this video. I know this seasoned audience here knows the amount of work before and after these little clips.

This video shows just one of each of the different pattern/color combinations. DANG , so many typos! Two bourbons in makes it tough to type!...

Anyway, 60 parts were dipped today and I had five parts that didn't make it. A few of these patterns were new to me, so some lessons were learned.

The burl film was way underhydrated. After rinsing it looked like "pepper" sprinkles all over it. Should have made a third pass. complete strip and repaint.

You will notice a couple of the dips were underhydrated or underactivated. This shows itself when the dip "pulls" the tape as the part is inserted into the water. 20 extra seconds on the next dip solved this issue.

Oh, and you might notice the tape will rub on the part as I pull it out of the water. Yes! this shows up after the rinse and a nice little arch-shaped rub mark.

Another fail was allowing a double dip to sit too long before rinsing. The black and clear floral pattern on the silver and gold paint doesn't like the sludge. The first hit will wash out or look faded from the second hit resting on top. So that needs to be rinsed right away.

The same with the Gothic Demask film. Rinse it right away! The sludge zone fades - alot!

The color shift carbon fiber doesn't want to rinse clean. Regardless of how long I rinse it, "roughness" remains. Even rubbing with my thumb will not remove these "whiskers" of material? But this is only on the funnel side of the part where lots of stretch takes place?? The top of the part (in the video) lays down great.

The Oil Slick is just about impossible on my parts. The top of the part (In the video) looks good, but the bottom, funnel part doesn't. The film doesn't stretch very much leaving a cloudy, foggy appearance. This funnel part is about 3 1/2". I should just stop trying this film.

All of these films were activated with K2 Brew - or so I think. I ordered a new jug of K2 Brew, but no where on it does it actually say "K2 Brew"?? Previous jugs are labeled very clearly. Regardless of what is in this jug all the hits are looking great! From simple black and clears to full color, silver backed. Everything in the video is K2 Brew (?) and One Hit Wonder paint.
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