Touch Up Pens

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Just found these pens and they are da bomb… they have a very fine brush tip. 


  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Member, Moderator, Business Ninja Posts: 7,958 El Moderator
    Nice find. The point is never to match completely, just to not draw attention to the flaw.

    It's how we trained for buffing as well, if you sand the defect flat, it stands out to people, if you knock the high spot off and leave the peal below it blends right in... even if there is a black spec of dirt in the nib.
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    I like the way you created a "new" color streak to cover up a flaw. Ingenuity at work here!

    One of the great things about the color brush discovery you are sharing is that they use the archival ink set. That is another way to describe pigment inks, as opposed to dye inks that fade in the sun.
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