64" Hydrographic Printer & Set-Up located in Canada

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Digital Hydrographic Film Printer
Mode TSHP1600A/B/C
Printhead Epson DX5 print-head/XP600, 180 nozzles*8 Lines*1, high quality up to 1440 dpi
Maximum Print 1520mm
Print Resolution/Speed 4pass 16 m2/H, 6pass 12 m2/H,8pass 9 m2/H,
Ink Sort Water Based Pigment Ink for blank hydrographic film /Eco-Solvent
Ink Capacity 220ml/4 Colors: 220ml each
Media Width 1600mm
Media Thickness 1.5mm to 8mm adjustable
Media Maximum Roll Weight 75KG
Converter box plugs into standard 110v plug
Detailed Instructions:
Hydrographic Film Printer 1.6m/64″ Hydrographic film printer with Epson print head expand your printing capabilities until now, creating custom hydrographic patterns has been expensive and time-consuming.
The 1.6m/64″ Hydrographic film printer TSHP1600 changes everything. The first fully digital Hydrographic film printer on the market, the printer 1.6m/64″ Digital Hydrographic film printer TSHP1600 prints black hydrographics film on-site and on-demand. With 98% less degassing and the ability to print and process custom art, pictures, photos and more, jobs can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.
The technological advancements of the printer 1.6m/64″ Hydrographic film printer TSHP1600 set a new standard for the hydrographic industry’s customizations and turnaround times. Using a state-of-the-art print head that is able to print to blank hydrographics film and vehicle wrap material. hydrographic companies are able to not only break into new markets but also offer more to their existing customers. NEW MARKETS.
This print technology offers long-run production, research, development and prototyping opportunities, as well as generating samples for your customers before the costly investment of a gravure run. Your market expansion options are almost endless. Let’s cover bottles, motorcycle parts, ATV parts, helmets, snowmobile parts, lids, skateboards, gun stocks, antlers for mounts, tablet & phone cases, vases, home decor and more!
Hydrographics can cover rims, interior and other hard to reach areas. ALL-IN PROGRAM FOR PROCESSORS Creates vehicle wraps, indoor and outdoor signage, banners, decals and stickers, trade show graphics and much more, efficiently and quickly.
Our All-In Program includes the printer 1.6m/64″ Hydrographic film printer TSHP1600, software, CMYK ink cartridges, and blank hydrographics film. Printer training and process training are available.
Dimensions: 106″ x 35″ x 50″ • Weight: 440 lbs. •
DPI: 1440 x 1440 to 360 x 360 •
Printable Width: 4″ to 64″ •
Take-Up System with 2″ or 3″ core •
Power Requirements: single phase 110v 20A•
Operating Temperature: 65-90 •
Operating Humidity Range: 40-60% •
Print Speed: 4pass 16 m2/H, 6pass 12 m2/H,8pass 9 m2/H,
CMYK Ink Configuration Available in 440ml Cartridges •
Proprietary Ink Set •
HDI Hydrographic Film: 47.5″ wide •
RIP (Raster Image Processor) Software Included •
Print Process Training Available •
Hydrographic Dipping Process Training Available

ModeTSHP1600A/B/CPrinthead1 pcs Epson DX5 print-head/XP600, 180 nozzles*8 Lines*1, high quality up to 1440 dpi
Printhead Function: auto-clean,
Maximum Print: 1520mmPrint Resolution/Speed4pass:360*720DPI 15m2/H 4
pass:720*720DPI 12m2/H6
pass:360*1080DPI 10m2/H 6
pass:720*1080DPI 9m2/H8
pass:360*1440DPI 7m2/H 8
pass:720*1440DPI 6m2/HInk SortWater Based Pigment Ink for blank hydrographic film
/Eco-Solvent for PVC vinyl, PP, bannerInk CapacityC/M/Y/K 220ml/4
Colors: 220ml eachMedia Width1600mmMedia
Thickness1.5mm to 8mm adjustable
Powersingle phase AC 110V±10%,
AC:220±10%, 50/60±1Hz
Media SortPP Synthetic Paper,
Vinyl Sheet, Film, Coated Paper, Acid Proof Paper Banner, Canvas etc, Adhesive Vinyl Sheet, Banner and so on.
Operating system Windows XP/WIN 7/WIN10
Interface USB3.0
Operating Environment Temperature18~30 degree
Humidity:35~65%Heating SystemExterior heater+fanRIPMaintop/Neostampa
Media Maximum
Roll Weight 75KG
Power 600w
Dimensions of Printer
All set up and ready to print - computer system (windows system only for printer) with monitor/mouse/keyboard

Price Includes the Following Items

64” Printer
Computer Tower (with Windows Programing and Printer running equipment), mouse/Computer Screen/Keyboard, lots of film designs
Program Book for printer and design program
Converter Box plugs into standard 110V plug
30 Liters of Colored Inks
25 Liters of Activator A
Ink Damper
Ink Cap
Absorb Ink Motor
Rubber Blade and other supplies
will help in setting up and running printer and program
asking $7000CND
Will deliver to some locations in Canada- please ask!
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