PA Hydrographics...Thieves!

HydroDipHydroDip Member Posts: 2
Hydro Dip has done business with PA for the past decade. They used to build nice dip tanks. The new owner Roy Orren is a thief and liar. Hydro Dip sent them almost 20k in February of this year for two tanks. For months Roy made many flimsy excuses as to why they were not shipping the tanks. Finally he claimed to have shipped our tanks but was not willing to provide tracking or even the name of the freight company. After continued weeks of non-delivery we filed a claim with PayPal. PayPal denied the claim because they do not offer buyer protection for custom equipment. Here we are 6 months later, and PA Hydrographics is unwilling to refund or deliver tanks. Avoid this company! Roy is the most rotten person we have ever done business with. We've been in the industry for 15 yrs, offering the highest levels of dipping. If you are seeking a nice dip tank, you'll find nothing but fraud at PA Hydro! Unbelievable. Roy is a bottom feeder at best. Save your money and go elsewhere!


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