Starting a Hydrographics Business in NC

I dont even know where to begin lol. Myself and a Partner are buying a commercial building (we take possession on April 4) we plan to powder coat, dip, and do solid color vehicle wraps. We have our business name and EIN from the state. NC does not require a business license thankfully. we are almost finished with the FFL application reequipments and hope to get that mailed in this Monday.
The building is in a township and today the fire marshal was talking about requiring a vent hood with integrated fire suppression system. I saw where @MidOhioHydrographics had to install a system like this. was that due to your volume or just because? Has anyone else? The town is also asking for the manufacture specifications of the equipment we will use. this seems like an odd request to me and I dont understand what they are looking for. Lastly, they are very concerned about the water from the tank and the rinse station.
I am hopeful that some of you on here who are established have worked through some or all of these issues and I would welcome any guidance you are willing to share about them.


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