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Im brand new to hydrodipping, ive done 3 dips so far and i know they are all over activated cause when i pull the cup up out of the water the pattern runs off, or it runs off on the rinse.. ive used less activator on every dip with same result, im using Aerosol OHW paint... and also Aerosol activator any help or advice would be much appreciated.. Thanks


  • FontyscustomsFontyscustoms Member Posts: 71
    Some quick questions:
    1) Pics? It is easier to see a problem with pictures...I know it is running off, but can you take a pic? It might be underactivated or underhydrated and sliding off if there wasn't enough activator to make it bite...
    2) Aerosols are not your friend for consistency with activator- but that being said, what brand of activator?
    3) How much paint are you applying? It could be too thick- with OHW you want it colored, not painted.
  • Dipper37Dipper37 Member Posts: 3
    Also im using OHW paint and i paint whatever im dipping just like u would paint anything, so maybe i am putting the basecoat on to thick, and im using aerosol activator from mydipkit.com and the film is from dip demon....... i do have a spray gun coming and i bought some K2 Superbrew to try in that
  • FontyscustomsFontyscustoms Member Posts: 71
    The mydipkit stuff is definitely a problem from my experience.  Wait for some superbrew and then the HVLP gun and practice.  Go light on the base coat- enough it makes clear areas show that color but not so thick like you would paint a car...dust it on twice is my rule.
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