Cooler lids

sthrneagle1sthrneagle1 Member Posts: 66
So I thought I'd share something I came across the other day doing a LOT of research. The last yeti cooler I did.I probably torched it 6 times alcohol wipe down and it still wouldn't stick, so went over it again 2 more times. Research I found(can't remember where) said Cascade is more alkaline than other detergents and would get most of the release agents out. Figured I'd try and had great results. Started off by sanding it down with 320(would've used 220, but didn't have anymore),I washed it twice with Cascade using the red scuff pad, just for good measures torched it once. I sprayed  an area that was heat treated and small area that wasn't. Did the tape pull test, and I mean REALLY pushing the tape in. The area i heat treated passed with flying colors. The area that wasn't did good, but was pulling off in pieces. It may have been a lucky chance, but I'll definitively be using Cascade again before heat treating because it reduced the labor time a lot. Sorry so lengthy


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