Looking for an alternative to hydrodip paint [Mexico]

Hello dear forum,

I'm starting in the world of Hydrodipping, very enthusiastic and eager to throw my first dips, I've been doing a lot of research and definitely want to do the things right since the beggining, that is why I tried to buy some hydrodip paint (base coat) from the US because I can't seem to find any in Mexico, but unfortunately the suppliers either dont ship to Mexico or for me the import taxes to Mexico are way more expensive than the product itself.

So I was wondering for the commercial brands of regular paint (like sherwin williams) do you have any idea of the the ones with the best dip window?

I'm even considering applying basecoat with aerosol paint cans so maybe if anyone has input with brands like Krylon or Rust-Oleum (easily found in Mexico), I'm open to any suggestion.

Thanks in advance & happy dipping!


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