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Ok .I used Tamco Matte clear coat on my quad I put about 3 heavy coats on.The highest the temp out side got into hrs was now my parts chipped.How long should I have waited for it to cure in these temperatures?


  • PagesHydroDippingPagesHydroDipping Member Posts: 836 ✭✭✭✭
    If its chipping off then more than likely it was not prepped right. Can you walk us through your process
  • CheezyCheezy Member Posts: 30
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    Yes I could my parts of my plastic 1st thing I did was   sanded my part with 220 grit sandpaper after that I I didn't proceed to put heat treated. After that I wipe it down with acetone. After that I put  promoter On then I painted. And then I put the clear coat on but it was like 40 50゚ for the next 3 days . I put the part in the back of a truck and the all chipped why. Should I have waited longer how long should I have waited before I even start messing with them in that temperature. And the paint I use words one hit wonder and the clear coat was tamco matte
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    Never used that paint. Check the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) for the paint you are using. Also make sure you are using the appropriate hardener to match the temp. It was probably the cold that caused your issue. I always bring the temp to at least 65 with a heater then finish with a heat lamp based on the TDS
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    When you say chipped, are you saying it flaked off in areas that bend? Could it be that you didn't use a flex additive?
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Member, Moderator, Business Ninja Posts: 7,939 El Moderator
    Did the clear chip, or the paint as well?

    There is no way to tell how long you should have waited, because there are too many variables. That is why you need to have consistency in your process, or there is no point. If you can't get some heat to fully cure the parts, then I wouldn't spray them.
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    That process post was difficult to understand. Did you flame treat? I believe I tried to answer this same question on a Facebook group. Adhesion promoter is not recommended before OHW paint, and Tamco clear is not guaranteed to bond to OHW paint. No way to tell if they are a compatible system without thorough testing.
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