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O.K., I am new at this. Just a hobbyist. I have started with Liquid Concepts film and activator. I have seen videos of professionals (Kansas, Liquid Concepts, and K2) spraying activators and they are not wearing a respirator when they spray. I did see K2 spray Liquid Concepts and he commented that it was hard on his throat. Are they all the same? Is an activator approved for use in California with a low VOC better than, say, one approved for sale in Arkansas or Kansas?


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    You should wear a respirator while spraying anything. Any activator, any clear, any paint.
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    ^^^^agreed. I know k2 has mentioned in the past on some of his videos that he doesn't wear them just for the video sake. You wouldn't be able to hear him talk if he was wearing a respirator
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    @Rodfather All activator is approved for use in Ca as long as you do not spray more than 1 gallon a day....which is a boat load...I know because at one time we were burning thru a GALLON of clear a day...

    As far as I know? There are no "low VOC" activators out there. And even if there were you have to remember that "Low VOC" does not mean "NO VOC"...people make that mistake all the time.

    And before you ask "Yes I am in CA so I know what is legal here and what is not. We are fully licensed with our city and with the SCAQMD...
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