EPSON Durabrite ULTRA Ink

PrzzzPrzzz Member Posts: 4
Hey, I’m very new to dipping and looking for a printer to use at home to print my own film. 
I’m on a bit of a budget and don’t need it for anything fancy, more of a hobby. I have found the Epson workforce Pro WF 3820 that uses DURABrite Ultra ink that uses “resin coated pigment particles” 
Does anyone have any experience with this ink or know if it will work ok with films for dipping? 
If not, can anyone recommend me a low cost printer? As I said, it’s really not for anything, A4 size printing is perfect for me.
thanks in advance! 


  • FontyscustomsFontyscustoms Member Posts: 26
    @studebaker this seems right up your alley.
  • studebakerstudebaker Member, Business Ninja Posts: 3,865 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @przzz Welcome to the forum... Don't be a stranger. Hang around and let us see your procees as it unfolds.

    To answer your question, yes, the Epson WF 3820 with DURABrite Ultra Ink is perfect for home printing of hydrographic film. Be careful to use ONLY factory ink, aftermarket inks have very disappointing results. Also, Epson loves that DURABrite nomenclature so much they use in on several different inks... Be sure to buy only the DURABrite Ultra Ink. And show us some pictures of your first few dips so we can help figure it out together.

    Thanks for the bump @Fontyscustoms muchas gracias
  • PrzzzPrzzz Member Posts: 4
    @studebaker Thanks for your help! 
    It’ll be a while before I start printing my own film as I’m yet to master generic films as of yet but I need a new printer so figured I’d get one that can help me with film down the line! 
     I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of me 😅 attempting some dips now so I’ll be back to diagnose my problems 
  • studebakerstudebaker Member, Business Ninja Posts: 3,865 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am glad to see you recognize that you don't start your journey diving into the deep end. Kudos. Yeah, that printer is cheap, no reason to not buy it.
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