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Hi total newbie to all things concerned with hydro graphic but looking to learn , I run a paintball company and have been asked to dip some of the stands I make in a custom tigerstripe camo, and the only one I can find to buy has a very small pattern which Isn't what I am looking for, i am looking to get my company logo put into the camo as a demo for paintball teams etc, and my question is , are there any companies in the UK that will print film with a custom design i can supply, or would it be better for me to get an inkjet printer using water based pigment and print my own , and if that is the better way to go what printer would people suggest to get, sorry if these have been asked a bunch of times


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    You will be money ahead if you contracted an experienced, professional dipper to dip your parts.
    Custom film can be designed just as you described.

    I was in a similar situation as you. I manufacture parts and I wanted to have a value added step of hydrographics. The margins are tight once you get the hang of it. But  I lost money for over a year in wasted time and materials.
    Custom film still gives me fits sometimes. And is three times the cost of commercial film.

    If you can mark your product up because of the graphics, or use it from your advertising budget, then just hire it out.
    But you will NOT save money doing this yourself.
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    The reason I got into this is because I am curious and stubborn...
    Professional shops also want to deal in volume, mostly.
    I wonder how many calls @K2Concepts gets every week with someone wanting "just a few parts" dipped? Doing just a few of anything is terribly expensive in any field. And with limited competition, the shop rate for this kind of work is expensive. It's not like a machine shop of every corner.
    Anyway, that's why I got into this. I didn't need hundreds or thousands of production parts. But I was able to absorb to initial setup cost and ongoing self training.

    I would suggest to hire it out initially to see what your market will bare. The end cost to your customers should be the same, anyway, whether or not you do the work or it's contracted out.
    In fact, it will probably be MORE expensive to your customers if you do the work.
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    Welcome to the forum! Yes, paintball equipment decorating with custom film is a "thing". Commercial custom printed film cost $3.50 per SqFt. A sheet of blank film for your desktop printer costs approx. $3.00 per A3 sheet. But you will end up trying it on a desktop printer because There aren't any Commercial Custom Film printers in the UK yet, and shipping is high from the US.

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    Studebaker do you print custom films ? and if you do do you ship to the UK ? i have a firm who will do the dipping for me i just need my custom film to supply to him for him to do the job for me
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    @studebaker alerts the person you are talking to them. He doesn't do the printing, but there are a number of places that do.
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    Here is a list of custom film printers.... I don't do it anymore. It got too crazy busy for me so I sold the business to somebody that didn't mind hiring lots of people....

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