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That title sounds weird.

After decades of want and desire, I can finally see the beginnings of my new shop. I have been running this mostly woodworking business out of my basement shop for 25 plus years. All of that time, I had been a stay at home dad. This work grew as the boys became older, in school, and more independant. Even though this was "part-time" I easily and regulary put in 60 + hours a week. 2018- and 2019 had been my best years ever and I just couldn't function any longer in the basement.

So, we decided to take the plung to build the shop on our property. We looked and looked for a reasonably priced commercial building or property, but I could just not see my business model supporting such an investment.

Just after we placed the deposite, ordered materials, and started escavation of the site, my wife lost her job. She is a coporate sales big-wig type, so she will hopfully land on her feet with something sooner rather than later. And of course we are dealing with the COVID thing that has decimated my music business. I have branched out into more of a general woodworking plan to broaden my customer base. I don't think the music stuff will come back for quite a while. Without a widespread vaccine, large gathering venues like concert halls, etc are shut down and my music clients just don't have income. Throw some local and national politics into the mix, and, well, you know....


This shop will be a 40 x 60 pole building. It's primarily a woodworking shop and I have typical metalworking machine tools. I will have a separate finish room, a separate hydrographic room, and a separate benchroom.

Dirt been moved, the building has been delivered, and everything has been paid for. They will erect it next week then I will need to get electrical quotes. It will still probably be late winter or spring before I actually get to move into it...


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