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Hi, my name is Brooke and I am looking at developing a product that involves the concepts of Hydro dipping. I would love to know the chemical process of Hydro dipping in particular the 'sticking agent' that allows the transfer of the pattern or color from the water onto the object. Additionally, the specific chemical formula that makes up this process. My idea is to bring the concept of hydro dipping into the cosmetic industry. I am aware that Hydro dipping chemicals are harmful to the skin so I am looking to replace these chemical compounds with something similar that are not harmful to the skin.

Any Chemists and Cosmetic chemists that would be able to assist me would be greatly appreciated. The purpose of this post is for research. As I am not an expert in this field I am unsure as to whether this would actually work. So any comments would be very helpful.

Thanks :)


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    Hi Brooke

    The water is a carrier for the film, the film is simply a carrier for ink. When you spray activator (essentially solvent) on to the film, it liquefies the ink which allows it to chemically bond to the paint. (the same as spraying another layer of solvent based paint on to the basecoat). There is no activator that would liquefy the ink that wouldn't also damage your skin.

    It would be possible to change the ink to something that would be waterbased, but you would then have to figure out how to prevent it from fusing to the PVA (film) and then activate that with water. This would be significantly harder than what you are seeing currently with this process.
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    Also, no need to double post. I erased you other post.
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    @BOEBeauty I know you want to keep your idea secret... But wouldn't "tattoo paper" sold on eBay do what you may have in mind? What part of the body will the hydrographics be applied to?
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