I guess I'll just put this here... Done with dipping.

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I have officially dipped my last part. We never had much traffic on the dipping side of our business. We do commercial graphics, van and truck wraps, business cards, etc. and that's all doing quite well. It's just myself and the owner, Chris. I have learned, quite literally, everything I know about hydrographics from the members of this forum. Hopefully this summer, we will be moving to a much smaller shop next door to Chris' house outside of town and there will not be room for the tank and other necessities. That coupled with the fact that I am down to maybe two or three small jobs like Yeti tumblers and the like, we decided not to restock on activator and clear coat that we would need for more dips, that frankly probably wouldn't come before we moved, anyway.

I enjoyed coming in here and reading all the new posts and really loved meeting everyone in Ohio at the remote training. But, to be honest, I never "enjoyed" dipping. I am the single employee of a sign shop that works on salary and already had my hands full around the shop. It just wasn't particularly enjoyable to get behind on wrapping a plumber's van just to dip some housewife's Yeti tumbler for $40. I think I turned out the best products I could and never got a complaint, but I feel like I had a weight removed from my shoulders this week.

Thank you for the help, insight, and entertainment over the past several years. I will look back fondly on this forum as much as I will remembering doing Jim's mom. =)

PS, our 10' Liquid Concepts tank and other stuff is still for sale down below...
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