Film issues

jcarrjcarr Member Posts: 30
I usually always dip wood grains. Usually burl woor style. First time using straight grain yesyerday. The film seemed thicker than usual and appeared to have dimples in it which ate consistent with the spots on seeing on my parts. I made sure my tank was 100% clean and debri free and its new clean water between every part. I dipp3d usong other films yesterday as well with no issues so i dont see hownit can be my technique. But i have what looks like air pockets creating spots on my parts except i dont think it is. I have pnly had this issue with this 1 film. Any ideas? They do look like trapped aie pockets but if i look at my film it has dimples that are a match to this issue on parts. I dipped with burl grain yest

erday as well with perfect results.


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