The dryness of the primer

Hi Everybody,
I used 2-component paint to primer for 2 materials. There is a material after dipping for good results. The next day I dip the second object, the pattern does not stick to the paint. So, does the dryness of the primer layer affect the adhesion of the pattern?


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    It sounds like the dip window on the paint closed and cured. That is why it worked the first day and not the next. Different paints have different windows (window meaning time to fully cure and wont accept the ink). A lot of automotive paints have a 8 hour dip window meaning it has to be dipped within 8 hours. Tell us what brand of paint you are using someone may know the paints dip window. If you miss your window you can always scuff and re base coat. I always suggest to anyone starting out to use a paint made for the process such as OHW or other hydrographics paint that have longer or no window.
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    Sounds like you might not be in the US. Probably difficult to get paints made for the process if you aren't. Always assume 8-12 hour dip window for a 2 component paint. Scuffing will not help Hydrographics stick to a paint that is closed. You need to dip in that window.
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    Read the back of the can it should have a recoat timeframe that is you dip window some you have to paint dip and clear within a certain amount of time 
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