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Hello fellow dippers 
It’s been long haven’t posted , just recently launched my app for play store and Will be available  on App Store soon .  

It’s been a long journey ,kudos to Jim and others 
now I can say i am in business . In a short span I have become a leading supplier in my country with a decent design range which is growing . 

All ideas and inspiration were because of this forum .
Thanks guys 

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    Most excellent news. I am encouraged by the quality of your presentation. I suspect that you will soon be printing custom films in India and outstrip any competitor before they can even design a website. Cool Beans.
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    @studebaker thanks ,custom printing is right now not in my priority list , trying to get good quality results with rotogravure , There are some problems which are still there I am working on them . 

    But I am positive that will achieve it very soon , first quality product from my printer will be sent to you .

    Also have in pipeline a new app for dipping services where users can book services we provide pickup and drops for them . You think it will work ?

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    The booking app? Absolutely not, it will not work at all... It is a 100% waste of money. Every single potential customer wants you to personally assure them that they are the smartest people in the world because they may choose to use your services and they will do their best to talk you down in price because it is what they do. NO ONE will ever use a "booking" app. Those people that a likely to use an app for such an arcane industry are most likely the people that have no idea of what hydrographics is or what the end product will look like.

    The people that sold you the sales app that turns your website into an app are trying to sell you more services that they can charge you a high price for while they still have that "sucker" on the line. Check this out...

    You were the victim of good salesmanship... I hope you will be that good of a salesman one day. :-)
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    @studebaker thanks for input , I was thinking more on the lines of an app for my regular customers for services ,I would only market it to professionals like custom car designers and automobiles experts ,when a customer arrives at there store they can show an app based demo of services and book the service .I had no plans to market to end user 
    I only work for quality stores in my area where many potential customers walk in .
    Besides no one sold me this idea it was my own .
    Yes I am aware of many such providers which can turn website to app . 😉
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    Ok, @hydrographicsindia While I've got you on the line, so to speak. I sincerely think you are looking at custom film printing in the entirely wrong way. You're essentially saying that you don't want to custom print film a meter at a time for other people because you can make so much more money printing mass quantities of film like the Chinese and Taiwan vendors do, right? Your country has 1.3 billion people and China has 1.3 billion people so there is a giant untapped market waiting for you right under your nose, right? So by printing your patterns in a local factory, you are wanting to compete with the big guys that have saturated the market so thoroughly that the only way they can compete with each other now is by lowering their prices to rock bottom, and you want to jump in that fray.

    I know, you say that you will have exclusive patterns that nobody else has and you can compete that way. Uh, you can have exclusive patterns now by having China print them for you exclusively and you can sell them as you own. No need for your own printing factory.

    But think about the future, decorators will be printing their own film because it's cheaper than preprinted Chinese film and they can make the customer happier faster without having to stock a large inventory of "never to be used again" patterns.

    If you were as forward-thinking as the app salesman has convinced you that you are, then you would be figuring out a way to sell hydrographic printers to the masses in India, and keep them supplied with blank printable film. Or at the very least setting up franchised custom film printing centers all across the land that must buy blank film from you only. That way you aren't competing with anybody, you will own the entire market!
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    @studebaker you are absolutely right ,will think about this  one big problem is that no one wants to pay so much for custom digital print here , 
    Bulk supplies are more popular and I ain’t going to invest in setting up own production units , outsourcing is what we are best at , there are many printers around me who charge per kg for printing.
    your point about inventory cost is totally valid . I am suffering with too much inventory cost already 

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