Dipping multiple parts

In a small home made tank thats got no pump or anything. What do you recommend about the water? I have half dozen parts to do. No water source to keep replacing water which i find wasteful anyway. But i did a second part after straining the particles and the result of 2nd part wasnt good and im pretty sure its because of the left over acivator in the water. I dont dip all tge time but when i do it can be 1 to 10 parts. So id like to learn a good solution that's cheap and easy. I have no water access in the garabe by the way. I carry water into the garage to fill the dip tank. Which is a very large tote with a drain.


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    A good tank will skim the top layer off to give you a new starting point. I cant see your set-up to be consistent without removing all water and refilling and keeping your temperature at the films desired temp. I would rig a pump at the bottom of the tub and pump in and out water. Maybe your situation isn't so easy.
    Good Luck.
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    Your cycle time shouldn't be so long that the water cools off that much.  I think less than a minute between parts is a reasonable goal. A fine dip net can help to remove residual film trash.

    I think you can rig a dam on one side using a screen material so the the water will self level. Then just push the "dirty water" up and over the dam. Which will then capture the debris.
    Btw, the water doesn't have to be super clean. Just the big stuff and tape needs to be out of the way.

    The larger the water volume the longer it will hold temperature.
    And if you insulate all six sides of the tote with rigid insulation, it will hold temp better.
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    What about the activator in the water? What do you suggest for a basic dam? Im still new at this and i can successfully dip one well done part in a tote. Just looking to upgrade my set up a little to do half dozen with same water.
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    You’ll be fine. We dip thousands of parts in our 500gal tank and go through over 5 gallons of activator a week. Just skim off the top. And swirl the water around. You’ll be ok.
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    Forgot to mention we have gone 5 months without changing the water.
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    awesome thats good to know! I did my second part juat after my first one and i was able to get the debris ok but then it dodmt come out well ans inassumed it was activator but ill just give the top a quick little skim and get my debris out and send another part in.
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    The solvents evaporate off relatively quickly. Agitation helps this, but unless you are running 10 parts in a row with seconds between, you should be fine.
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    I have everyone beat I have not changed the water in 2 years. But add about 15 to 20 gallons a week and run through a filter pad that removes bits and pieces along with a oil water separator pad.
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    How long between parts are you guys recommending? And how long of a window do i have from dip to when i need to clean residue off the part?
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    Reading around on this forum is going to answer all your questions, and ones you didn't even think of yet
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    How long between parts to wait to dip? Is that your question?

    Really, the water will be ready before you are. Activator will evaporate very very quickly. As stated, use something like a pool skimmer to remove most of the bits floating around, swirl the water some to mix it up.. and go on to your next part.

    As far as window to rinse part off? Really, you should be rinsing it off right away. If that PVA (the residue your talking about) dries, it takes awhile to then wash off. So really.. you have until it starts to dry to begin the wash off. (keep in mind, it CAN keep activating the part...)
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