Newbie with a twist. From New Zealand.

Hi there people. Completely new to this and being a tight **badword**. As much as possible anyway. Any suggestions as to paints available in NZ that work with films? Am currently using Rustoleum aerosol primer with mixed results for a number of reasons. (if you saw my early activator attempts you might die from laughing or crying). I know it's not ideal without the right gear but I'll get there. Will save some money and buy some good stuff from hydroconcepts in Australia later this year. Just recently got a compressor and hvlp gun so activating will be better now. Can you use the same gun for activator & paints?


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    Thousands of guys have gone at this the cheap way... It doesn't work. If you really want to save money, why bother? Just keep your money and be happy?

    Rust-Oleum doesn't work. Been covered many times on this forum, it's inconsistent and no way to tell when.

    Yes, you can use the same gun for activator and paint, if you LOVE cleaning guns all day. 

    It is not ideal without the right gear, you are right... But no, you won't get there without it. 
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    hearing ya. just meant I'll get there as in getting the right stuff. saw about the Rustoleum after I posted.
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    A decent "hobby" setup is about $10-12k USD. A professional level setup will run you about $25k and up. And these figures assume you already own the building etc. There is NO WAY to do this "consistently well" cutting corners in tools, materials, and technique. It's all one big chemistry project. If done well, it ends up looking like art, but before the clear dries, its chemistry. Just know this going in. Read through the forum thoroughly and try to absorb as much as possible.
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    Im also from New
    Like the guys say dont cut corners on price! Flick me an email if ya like
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