Which company is the best to buy Hydrographic film from?

kingfishkingfish Posts: 1Member
Which company is the best to buy Hydrographic film from?


  • smedlinsmedlin Posts: 2,256Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭✭
    Really, depends on your location.

    The vast VAST majority of all film comes from the same place.. China.

    And all the vendors are really close to the same price.

    The "reputable" vendors pretty much all handle the film the same way.. stored in climate controlled rooms, sealed packaging, etc etc

    So it really comes down to shipping.

    I'm like a 5 hour drive from Big Brains. So I order from them.

    Look at the Official Sponsors of this forum. the list will be on the bottom left, in the "categories". Find one that is close to you...
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    One of the reasons that @smedlin recommends the forum sponsors for your vendor choice is that we collectively have used and recommended them and if they were to "go bad" we would drum them off the forum for abusing customers. So they are all good just pick the shortest shipping distance, and hold their feet to the fire!

    Welcome to the Forum!
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    My Film. LOL I have every Chinese film at 5$ sq.ft Shipping free with 10 meters or more. OK may I dont have everyone. Text me @ 253-377-4772
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    We offer a limited range of film, but will be expanding this year. We will still only be offering 50cm film however.
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