Veteran Newbie - First dip in 9 years

First off I want to thank Jim @K2Concepts for all of the youtube videos. They have been an excellent tool to help me get back to using my tank.

I bought a tank back in 09 to dip my own chopper and did several small jobs, but it was more of a hobby for me as I had a hard time finding people back then that had the money to spare for the custom work. I packed everything up in 2011 and haven't even thought about it until a few months ago when my brother asked if I could dip his 2015 Harley using TWN's Naughty Fire film. So not only have I had to relearn how to dip I had to relearn how to prep and paint. The bike has both metal and plastic body parts. Thought I'd post a few pics of what I have been working on and show my first few dips. I welcome any critiques.

I am assuming that these small holes are from slight under-activation? This was a test piece (not part of the Harley)

First actual part I dipped and it turned out great with only mistake I see being a small bit of overlap with my masking tape.

This saddle bag top came out decent with only some small pinholes on the back which was last part in where pattern may have stretched. Right side of picture.

Here is a closeup of the back with the problem area circled and yellow arrow point to discoloration that almost looks like I didn't get the residue completely washed away even though I went back and washed more and lightly rubbed with my finger to no avail. I plan on trying to just touch this up with an airbrush but would like to know what it is so I can avoid it on any more pieces.

I plan on dipping the rest of the parts this weekend and will post more pictures as I progress.

Bulldog adhesion promoter used on any plastics that needed primer.
Some of the parts needed primer and others just wet sanded
Omni 2k Urethane Surfacer Primer MP182
Omni base coat (has several different pearls and some metallic in it)
TWN WTP-963 Naughty Fire film
TWN NJM2010SPC activator
Omni High Solids Clear

Soaking film between 60-90 seconds trying to keep water temp around 92


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