Heater corrosion

I have a 7×4 tank, I replaced the heater a year ago and discovered it is very corroded,  I replaced 2 months ago and just found it corroded again within 2 months, the heater is in the holding tank, water was pretty clean, I want to replace with a better cheaper way any suggestions and maybe what causes the problem. K2 superbrew, about 8 oz used on the this heater. It's not hard water I'm in Washington and had it tested.


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    They all corrode. No matter how soft your water is, they all collect calcium and other minerals. Typically that causes no issue, and I doubt that the corrosion caused your element to fail. Every few weeks we had to scoop a few handfuls of calcification out of the tank. Never caused an issue.
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    I had the same issue. Was going through elements at a staggering rate. Was replacing it as soon as 30 days sometimes. The issue is bits of film and debris getting on a very hot element. Ultimately, it comes down to watt density. You can have a small element that is high in wattage, so it has to get much hotter to transfer that many watts of energy. A larger element of the same wattage will not need to get as hot, and will last longer. In my situation, I had a single 6000w element heating my 2 meter tank. It was about 10" long. I had Liquid Image make me custom elements that are 2500w each, but another 4” longer (max that would fit in the element area). So overall, it dropped my watt density much lower. I now use 2 elements (my tank happened to have 2 spaces for them) instead of one, for a total of 5000w. We have had the same elements in for a long time... maybe a year? And they still look great.
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    yea, my 8 foot tank has two elements. Not sure how long they are, never measured them.

    But i've had my tank almost exactly three years now, and have not had an issue...and sometimes that water it smells bad.. worse than Jim's mom.. bad bad.
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