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What kinda gun are you all using to put down clear coat?And what presure?


  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Member, Moderator, Business Ninja Posts: 7,962 El Moderator
    Gun size depends on the parts you are doing. Pressure is going to depend on viscosity and desired finish. There is no hard and fast rules for guns. Get a good one and learn it. Typically your clear gun is your most expensive gun, unless you have already purchased a GPI
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    My favorite clear gun is my Iwatta super nova for big stuff. I use a Iwatta LP 80 for small stuff. There is no set pressure. I have used my guns in different shops with different results at the same pressure so don't get too hung up on pressure. I have 6 different guns and all use different pressures. I keep a cheat sheet to remind me. Air volume is very important we have 3/4 inch lines and high flow fittings. Its all in the name - High volume low pressure guns (HVLP).
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    I like Iwata Supernova 1.3 at around 19-20lbs. But shoot very little gloss clear. This gun at those settings can make it look like I know what I’m doing.

    My best method for glassy Clear is to apply two medium wet coats, wet sand 1000 to remove all nibs and imperfections, then apply 1-2 more coats to make it like glass. Last coat should go on wet... just wet enough that it looks like it’s gonna run, but doesn’t. If you’re afraid of runs, you’ll never get glassy clear. Make it look like it wants to run all over the floor.. but stop just before it does. LOL. It’s very hard to judge and I almost always end up w runs or sags.
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    I'm using the Devilbiss Tekna Clearcoat gun with a 1.4 tip and the TE25 cap. I run it at whatever psi range the clear manufacture recommends on the TDS. Right now i'm using TAMCO 9500 and they recommend 26-28psi.
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