Infrared Curing Lamps

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Not sure if I've ever posted this before, but was helping out another Ohio dipping company, and turned him on to the curing lamps we use. It's not for everyone, and they definitely take some electrical knowledge and skill to wire up, and a lot of power to run, but maybe someone out there is in need of some curing lamps for their operation. I should note that NanoChem 0-1% matte clear cures in about 10 minutes in front of these lamps, and we put the parts directly into poly bags afterward. Talk about increasing production throughput! We also use it to force dry paint before dipping if we are in a hurry.

We wired ours into a control box with a timer, but an 80A disconnect on the wall would work also. Each bulb is 1000W, so 2000W per fixture. 2000w/220v = 9A/fixture, x8 fixtures = 72A. Actual draw when I measure was about 70, but always be cautious. That is a LOT of power.

Be careful with gloss clears. It works, but you have to know your clear and check your TDS recommendations. If you go straight from the booth to the lamps, it's possible to get some nasty solvent pop outbreaks (as we saw at the K2 Training a couple years ago). As a good example. PPG Deltron DC3000 can be sanded and polished after about 10 minutes in front of IR, and cooling down.
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